Personalised Print


It’s always nice to be known. So let us introduce you to the idea of personalised print. Basically think Moonpig. But better!

At Halcyon HQ, we’ve developed a clever bit of software that takes customer orders for personalised printed items, however, our software is completely integrated into your website, fully branded and tailored to your company’s needs.

Not sure what we’re on about? Let’s use greetings cards as an example of how it works. Your business would design a range of bespoke cards (or we can do that for you!) with specific sections to be personalised by your customer. The card designs are uploaded to the software for your customers to choose from, and personalise, adding their own message(s), or photo. The customer then enters the recipient’s name and address, and pays for the card. Halcyon receives the order on your behalf, gets the card printed, inserted into an envelope, and dispatched directly to the recipient. Voila!

BUT it doesn’t have to be just cards. You can use it for any promotional item that you want your customer to be able to personalise. For example, perhaps you’re arranging a tour that you want regional contacts to promote. They can choose a generic poster design, update it with specific venue or contact information, specify the quantity to be printed, and nominate the delivery address. The software can be completely tailored to your specific requirements, and if necessary, an approval process can be added to enable your sign off.

The great thing about using this approach is that it reduces the need for large print runs or storing lots of printed stock. We can also build in CRM integration.

See it in action – Chasing Zero 


Chasing Zero, a Pregnancy Twinning charity, are already using this technology to raise funds through personalised greetings cards.

David from Chasing Zero told us “This technology is enabling our supporters to send personalised cards direct to friends and family, whilst donating to our projects at the same time. Halcyon tailored the software and integrated it effectively into our website, and continue to ensure the smooth running of the print and dispatch. After recent success with our Christmas card campaign, we are now using the system routinely for other campaigns including a Mother’s Day campaign!”

>> Take a look at how Chasing Zero are using the software for Mother’s Day

Ask Halcyon how your business can start benefitting from this software.

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